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Experts Aren't Always Most Expert

A highlight of Andy Grove, a man who had no business researching prostate cancer but yet managed to perform some of the best research ever done on the subject and wrote what is arguably the best analysis of the disease and its treatment ever written. We would live in a much different world if more people were like Andy Grove and took upon themselves the responsibility of learning rather than outsourcing it to potentially compromised "experts."

Repentance: A Word Lost in Translation

A look at how translation has corrupted the world's understanding of the doctrine of repentance.

The Skills Society Needs

A look into the skills that keep society functioning. We live in the most educated generation in the history of the Earth and yet many people don't realize that the things that matter most are the things that man has been doing since the dawn of civilization. We should all surround ourselves, and seek to become, people who know how to build, fix, and grow things.

What makes a Queen Bee a Queen Bee

For years I'd wondered what made a queen bee a queen be when there was no genetic difference between a queen bee and regular worker bees. I wrote this article shortly after figuring out the answer to that question because seeing how a honey bee lives to her fullest potential teaches us a lot about how we can and should do the same by maintaining a healthy diet.

Popular Movies aren't Good

My observation that most people have never actually seen a good movie and don't actually know what one looks like because the market and their attention has been flooded with audiovisual entertainment rather than cinema. Also my argument that Batman vs. Superman is a better movie than most people give it credit for.

There is a Big Problem with American High Schools

A look into the mistakes of my high school administration, and why the thought of going to college should not be worshiped throughout all of our lower education institutions.

Common People are not Powerless

A look at the story of Thomas Massie and how we as common people can exercise political power.

Debunking a Media Lie

A clarification on the commentary surrounding a 2022 Supreme Court decision recognizing gun rights along with a discussion on the reasoning for the second amendment and where rights come from.

Proud to be an American

An Independence Day Celebration.

Search Engines are Confirmation Bias Generators

A look into a concept that is so simple you'd think that people would have figured out that Google can argue any point by now.

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