I've never liked breakfast

Well, American breakfast that is.

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Lately I find myself strugling to get out of bed unless I know what I'm going to have for breakfst. In high school I'd have oatmeal every day, when I was on a mission in the Philippines I'd have some form of toast every day, but lately I've strugled to get into a similar routine. Often times I'll eat things that aren't considered breakfast food at all, my grandma always looks at me funny whenever I tell her I had leftover potato salad for breakfast, but having random leftovers for breakfast isn't consistent so that doesn't solve my problem of not wanting to get out of bed when I know what I'm going to eat.

A few months ago I came across this video which does a good job explaining what is wrong with breakfast, or should I say Americain breakfast. With the exeption of eggs, bacon, and bagels, just about everything that can be found in a typical Americain breakfast is full of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup (which destroy your liver the same way alchohol will)** and half the time we'll put sugar on the things that don't have sugar, maple syrup is good on scrambled eggs. I beleive that we should all seek to have a healthy diet, and I am a srong beleiver that the quality of food we eat correlates to our mood. If we want to start our day off right, we should not be eating desert for breakfast.

The solution

The solution of course to escape terrible American breakfast is of course not to eat American breakfast, the guy who made that first video about why American breakfast sucks made follow up video on how he now likes breakfast since he switched to eating foods from other cultures from breakfast. I don't think I've ever met someone who has eated a breakfast burrito and not liked it, and those really aren't that hard to make, you can get away with just some eggs, cheese and hot sauce if you don't want to spend time cutting up a bunch of stuff. Last night I decided I wanted to experiment and make something inspired by the Japanese breakfast featured in that last video so I threw some fish in a marinade of soy sauce, oyster sause, onion, garlic and ginger then cooked it up this morning and ate it with some rice. Not only did the fish turn out exactly as I hoped they would, but I think I could eat something like that every day for the rest of my life, its healthy, easy and I'm considering trying it with some talapia which would make it cheap when I don't have access to fresh caught fish.

Don't eat garbage for breakfast, explore the breakfast of different cultures to live a healthier and happier life.