Quit Social Media

Social media is a tool designed to rip us apart

I've always known that social media was a waste of time but I like most of us continued to use it anyways. But not anymore, I deleted my Twitter account yesterday and I could feel that my life was instantly better. I always knew that things would be better without it but I'm ashamed to admit that I had an addiction to Twitter, but now I'm free. for too long my default action when I was bored was to pick up my phone and look at it, now I pick up my phone and wonder why I picked it up. Now that I am free I have more time to do things that are actually productive and actually enjoyable, like writing this.

Now I will admit that I have yet to delete my accounts on Facebook or Instagram, but I really don't enjoy using those so I don't waste nearly as much time using them and I have legitamate productive reasons to use them so I can't delete them anytime soon, but if you are in a situation where you can I highly reccomend that you do. Many believe that the original intentions behind the creation of social media were to connect us with eachother, regardless of whether or not this is true they are now tools designed to program us and to drive us apart. this video does a good job at explaining how they program us so I won't talk much about that much but I would like to explain how social media takes us farther from our friends.

I'd like you to do an exercise for me (or really yourself), ask yourself how many "friends" you have on social media. Of these friends how many are people that you actually enjoy talking to or being with? For each of these when was the last time you talked to them? Do you think it's been too long for some of these? Probably. Do you think that you would make an effort to reach out to these people that you actually care about more often if you weren't pseudo-connected through social media? Probably. Without social media would you be able to find a way to contact these friends? Yes you would (and if you can't you should probably fix that).

Some more questions: Have you ever gone to hang out with someone who spends their time with you looking at their phone rather than talking to you? Have you ever done this to somebody else? Do you spend more time cheering on others on social media as they progress in their lives than you do working to progress in yours? Do you spend more time clinging to past relationships on social media (which is not entirely bad) than you do developing new ones?

Another importnat thing to bring up in this discussion that many people know but chose to ignore. News and social media companies long ago realized that hate drives more clicks (meaning money for them) than love does. These companies profit off of maning us angry and hateful, this is not making the world a better place, in fact it is doing quite the opposite. It is true that socail media can be used for good, and we should when we can, but the forces of evil have a much stronger hold on these sites. Leave social media and reduce its impact on you, doing this will not only make your life better it will help make the world better.

Free yorself from the hate on these platforms. Free your time for more productive things. Free your eyes from your phone screen and go live in the real world to develop and enjoy real friendships.