Why do we need to brush our teeth

Modern humans are the only species with dental problems

March 11, 2021

So if you've been reading a lot of the stuff I've been putting out you'll know that I have recently been looking at the stuff that the Weston A Price Foundation has been putting out over the past few years. I believe that when it comes to health that these people are some of the only people in the world who both know what they are talking about and are not being paid to lie to us. You may notice that my latest recipe takes heavy inspiration from these people.

But who was Weston A Price anyways? Dr. Price was a Canadian dentist who practiced dentistry in the early 1900s. During the 1920s he was feeling quite charitable and decided to go on a humanitarian trip to indigenous tribes of people around the world with the intent of providing free dental services to them. Dr. Price figured that since these people did not have access to modern medicine and probably didn't have what we would consider healthy dental hygiene habits. However once Dr. Price met these people he found that all of them had perfect teeth despite living without modern medicine.

Being confused by this Dr. Price spent the next portion of his live studying indigenous tribes from around the world to try to learn why they were so much healthier than westerners who had modern medicine. Not only did these people have excellent dental health but they had superior bone structure, healthier muscles, and also didn't suffer from things like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease which are problems which have only grown in today's society since Price's time.

Dr. Price eventually concluded that the biggest factor which contributed to these peoples' excellent health was their diets. These people had diets full of nutrient dense nutrient dense foods rather than the processed food and sugar rich diets we have become accustomed to today. Because of these findings the Weston A Price foundation focuses on encouraging people to return to traditional diets rather than what has become the recommended standard American diet. This video does a great job of explaining why this all makes sense as well.

Why brush teeth?

So now lets just dive into the topic of dental health with relation to the Weston A Price diet. Whenever we eat the high-fructose corn syrup filled processed garbage that we have been conditioned to call food our teeth get coated in chemicals which can only be removed by rubbing other chemicals onto them (this is what toothpaste is). Contrast this with honey, which is basically pure glucose, our saliva along with the natural bacteria which live inside our mouths are more than capable of breaking down any honey that is left behind after eating, the same can be said about meat, dairy products and most vegetables. If you eat a traditional meal of steak and potatoes with a glass of raw milk then you shouldn't need to brush your teeth right away, but if you were to eat a frosting covered cupcake your body would not be able to clean up the awful mess you just made in your mouth without scrubbing chemicals onto your teeth. Of course when you eat real food you should still floss or at least use a toothpick to get the bits out from between your teeth, but if you are eating a natural diet your body is more than capable of keeping your teeth clean by itself.

Bad teeth is a uniquely modern problem, look at the skulls that archaeologists dig up of primitive humans, or ones from only a few thousand years ago, have you ever seen one that had bad teeth. To me brushing your teeth all the time is like constantly adding oil to a car that burns it, yeah it prevents the problem from getting too bad but it is not actually fixing the problem. I don't like eating hard candy or drinking soda often because I know that, among other things, they will mess up my teeth. We should be fixing problems rather than mitigating them.