New Toolbar

And a webring I joined

Aug 20, 2021

So I've finally gotten around to putting a dropdown menu in the toolbar I have at the header of all my pages. Ever since I added the link to donate Monero on there I felt like it was growing to big and it had gotten to the point where I didn't feel comfortable adding anything else to it. I've finally gotten around to fixing that problem by combining the Monero and PayPal tabs on it into one which takes you to a new page here containing that information, and by adding a dropdown menu to hold whatever other miscellaneous links I feel like putting there.

Right now there are three things in the dropdown. The link that goes to my library page (which I really put there for my own reference so that I don't accidentally buy a book twice), a links page which I made but had no good place to put until now (it was previously only accessible through the library page), and a link to the heaventree webring which I joined a month or two ago again that was another link that I had no good place to put until now (it was previously only on that links page which was also hard to find).

And while we're on that topic I don't think I ever really announced that I had joined that webring. I believe I was among the first to be invited to join, I didn't join then but I joined once I felt like it was moving in the right direction, and I'm glad I did because it now has sites with some interesting content and good potential, so feel free to poke around those sites and see just to see what is out there. The purpose of a webring is to allow sites that are hard to find through traditional means to be found, my site has been around enough and grown enough that when I google my own name my site comes up (which is not something I ever thought I'd be able to say) at least when you scroll down a bit, but the same cannot be said for most of these other sites which are worth checking out. I apologize to the other people there for not having my link in a more accessible location until now.

I also removed the donation stuff from the bottom of my homepage, all the stuff on my new donation page used to be down there and I really regret ever putting it there. Donation information anywhere other than on a donation page is trashy, I think the excuse I had for putting it there was that I felt like there needed to be more on my homepage after I shrunk it considerably, but I wish I had stuck to my principle of keeping that stuff out of places it doesn't belong.

Anyways that's all I have for now, you'll probably notice that older articles on my website don't have the new toolbar, this is because I didn't set up my site to be at all modular which is a mistake that I hope those of you starting your own websites don't make, if I want to change stuff like that I have to do it by hand which is not a fun thing to do when you have over 100 unique pages. I may of course also add more to that dropdown menu in the future, I've thought up some more styles randomly generated art to make, maybe I'll end up showcasing some of that there, who knows?