Breakfast of Champions

A great way to start your day

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Months ago I talked about my dissatisfaction with traditional breakfast and I think I have finally found a solution to this. I recently learned that liver is the most nutrient dense food there is so I've made it a goal to incorporate it into my diet. I found that breakfast is the best time to do this and I've been enjoying and benefiting from this breakfast for the last few weeks. Unlike cereal or some other nutrientless slop this breakfast keeps my stomach satisfied and body energized for several hours.

What You'll Need

  • A piece of calf liver
  • eggs
  • butter
  • a large piece of pita bread
  • swiss cheese
  • Cooking Instructions

    First put a pat of butter into a medium sized frying pan to melt then butter one side of your pita bread. Put the pita bread, butter side down, into a separate large frying pan and set on low, top the pita bread with several slices of swiss cheese.

    Once this is done the butter in the other pan should be melted, spread that around to coat the bottom then place the slice of liver in that pan and cook on medium. Unless you are working with a very thick slice of liver it should only need about two minutes of cooking on each side. Once it is done remove it from the frying pan, cut it into bite-sized squares then put it on your pita bread.

    Next make sure your medium sized pan still has enough butter in it and cook your eggs in it. You may cook them however you want but I recommend leaving the yokes as runny as possible for this.

    Once your eggs are done put them on top of your pita bread as well. At this point the cheese should be partially melted. Transfer your pita bread with everything on it to a plate and enjoy what will probably be the most nutrient dense meal you will have all day.