Garbanzo Beef

What happens when you start experimenting

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So last week I was at the grocery store and noticed that there was a sale on garbanzo beans so I bought a bunch to stock up for making hummus but one day I was looking in my pantry and wondered if I could make something that was more of a meal out of them and from the actions that followed that thought Garbanzo Beef was born.

What You'll Need

  • A can of garbanzo beans
  • Some beef ready to be stir fried
  • Some carrots
  • An onion
  • A bit of olive oil
  • Soy Sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Honey (preferably raw)
  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Cooking Instructions

    This dish can be made with either roasted or plain garbanzo beans, I recommend using roasted garbanzo beans because they add a bit more crunch and have better flavor than plain beans but they're fine plain as well. I will be describing directions for both options, pay attention since the processes vary slightly depending on how you want your garbanzo beans.

    If you are using plain garbanzo beans you will want to put them in your frying pan first along with some oil and your chopped onion and carrots. You'll want to be careful not to burn the plain garbanzo beans on the bottom of the pan and may have to add water a few times to deglaze the pan. If you are using roast garbanzo beans then just put the onion and carrots in (you'll want those chopped into fairly small pieces) and cook them until the onions are translusent. Once you've reached that point throw in your beef and try to displace whatever else is in the pan so that the beef can have good contact with the bottom of the pan.

    Once your beef is mostly cooked through add a large splash of soy sauce and vinegar along with generous squirts of honey and sriracha sauce. I never measure this stuff but I would imagine that I use at least a half cup of soy sauce and vinegar and at least a tablespoon of honey and sriracha, I will recommend that if you are using plain garbanzo beans you go a bit heavy on the sriracha in order to combat the blandness of the plain beans, but this is not as vital if you are using roast garbanzo beans since those have better flavor. Speaking of those after you've stirred in all the liquid stuff you'll want to stir in your roast garbanzo beans if that is the option that you went with.

    Let everything simmer down stirring occasionally until most of the liquid has boiled off but there is still enough left to act as a sauce. Take your pan off the heat and serve your Garbanzo Beef over rice.