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I used to think that hummus was just something that trendy hipsters ate and spent to much on. It turns out that I have lived most of my life with a complete missunderstanding of hummus (mostly because Americans eat it wrong). Hummus is not meant for you to only dip baby carrots into on a picinic it is meant for much more. Humus is almost to the Middle East as rice is to Asia. (I say almost becasue I can't believe anything can quite compare to Asia's love of rice) Because of this there is an endless number of things you can eat with it and it is actually really easy to make provided you have the right equipment.

What You'll Need

  • Garbanzo beans
  • Tahini
  • Lemmon Juice (or some other acidic liquid like vinegar)
  • Olive Oil
  • Maybe a splash of water
  • Whatever else you feel like putting in there
  • Cooking Instructions

    The hardest part of making hummus is shopping for the ingredients. One has to realize that garbanzo beans are the same thing as chickpeas, and that tahini is the same thing as tehina. If you don't know these two things then you may end up like me wandering the grocerey store for a half hour looking for a product that they don't carry because they use the other name. Also if yuo want to get really fancy with your garbanzo beans you can buy them dried or whatever and soak them until they're soft, but why would you do that you can get them in a can for like 70 cents.

    Once you have all your stuff you'll want to rinse your garbanzo beans off and throw them in your food processor along with a large spoonful of tahini and a splash of olive oil, lemmon juice, then water, and anything else you feel like throwing in there. Then just let your food processor do its magic (adding more liquid if you want a runnier hummus). When that's done scoop it into your container of choice, make a fancy swirl in it with a spoon and drizzle olive oil into the groves so you can take a nice picture to put on your Instagram or something and there you go, you've got hummus.

    Now of course you could dip carrots or whatever into it like any other white person, but remember hummus has a much broader purpose. Experiment with it. I just put a whole bunch on a plate and ate it with eggs and tobasco sauce and it was great. Don't let your preconcieved notions of how you think food should be eaten prevent you from enjoying it in new ways.