A Dangerous Path

Don't dwell on things you hate

July 3, 2021

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a movie that I have no plans of ever seeing again, it has a lot of problems that many of the other popular movies have today, but one of its least popular characters gave what could possibly be one of the best lines in all of Star Wars. She said, "We’re going to win this war, not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love.” This wisdom is something that we all need to ponder upon regularly.

As someone who runs a site like this I enjoy finding other people with websites similar to mine, within the past month I've found a few more and have enjoyed seeing the thoughts and creativity of others. But as I have done so I've noticed something quite dangerous, people tend to write about things they hate more than things that they love. Now I'm not surprised by this, I've written before about the fact that hate sells and anyone who has spent any amount of time on Twitter will already know that the internet is already filled with hate for all sorts of things. As internet landlords we should not mimic the rest of the internet, instead we should be seeking to stand out and be an example to the rest of it.

It is easy, natural, and sometimes even fun to write an article where we complain about some problem in the world, or roasting some terrible idea or some person you don't agree with, but is it really a good use of your time to do this? Yes, I do recognize that it is sometimes necessary to do these things (I'm sure I've written articles like this before and I'm sure I'll do it again) but it is not necessary very often. If you constantly find yourself needing to fight things then you might want to reevaluate your priorities in life, happiness and hate are not compatible with each other, it is not possible to live a happy life while your mind is constantly thinking of everything wrong with the world. It is of course important to know what is wrong with the world, but it is more important to focus on what is right.

But as I've said, I've written about this before so I don't want to ramble on with this topic too much longer, just remember that if you spend time dwelling on things you hate you will become a hateful person that nobody wants to be around, but if you spend time dwelling on the good things of the world you will be helping to make it a better place.