Buy Books

The Future Depends on it

October 28, 2022

One of the oldest pages on this website is my library, plenty of other websites like mine have a similar page so the idea of having a list of the books I own accessible by the internet was not an original one. One could accuse me of creating that page to copy others which may partially be true but I had a very practical reason for putting that list together. Before I had started this site I found myself buying books at thrift stores quite often, the list of books became something I'd reference to make sure that I did not waste money by unintentionally buying a book that I already owned. Over time that list has saved me a good bit of money.

Long since then I've fallen out of the habit of buying books but after watching this video I think I may have to start buying books again. The video is short and worth a watch, he might communicate the point I'm making here better than I am, it is simply a man showing what is in a modern chain bookstore here in America, and more notably what isn't. If your shelves are not filled with books that contain knowledge, wisdom, and stories that provoke thought and inspiration then pretty soon you aren't going to have access to such books because we live in a world where big chain American bookstores don't carry American classics like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. We need to stock up on the books that woke bookstores refuse to carry.

It is our responsibility, not schools', to pass down wisdom and history to the next generation, schools have failed at this and many people in our culture want to rewrite history, this is dangerous. The world is making real knowledge and wisdom harder to find at a time when we are told that everything we could ever want is at our fingertips. Of course there are plenty of places online where you can acquire digital copies of just about any book but that would just be a file on your computer. Nothing beats having a tangible book that you can wrestle with yourself, that your kids can look at and wonder about, and that you can loan out to friends in need. Go to the store and buy some worthwhile books, that's what I'm going to do now.