The best online cookbook is the ideal online cookbook

March 12, 2021

So you may have noticed that I have a cookbook on this site. What I may not have shared here is the fact that I started it as a joke and never really intended it to be the best resource for people to find good recipes. In fact if you've read enough of my recipes you may have picked up on the fact that I am presenting them in a way that makes fun of precise recipes where where you think that your entire pasta sauce will be ruined if you use one 32 oz can of tomatoes rather than two 16 oz cans. I've lived in a country where most people have never even seen a measuring cup, cooking is not that hard.

Anyways, within the past couple days a new cookbook had hit the world wide web called Based Cooking which aims to be objectively the best online cookbook around. There are three reasons that this site is better than any other.

To explain the first I'll share this quote from the top of the homepage, "Only Based cooking. No ads, no tracking, nothing but based cooking." This site doesn't contain any nonsense, you may remember me talking about the unnecessary bloat on most cooking sites in a recent post there is no reason for a recipe to be preceded by a twelve paragraph story about how the author used to bake these cookies with her grandma all the time, there is no reason for a recipe website to contain any JavaScript, and there is no reason for a recipe site to contain any adds which slow the page's load time. On Based Cooking there is none of this nonsense, if the instructions can be conveyed in only a few kilobytes of data it will only take up a few kilobytes of data, every page on this minimalist site will load fast on any internet connection.

The second reason is found in the submission guidelines, "Recipe must be based, i.e. good traditional and substantial food. Nothing ironic, meme-tier hyper-sugary, meat-substitute, etc." In other words in order for a recipe to show up on Based Cooking it must actually be real food, not the fake garbage which has been making us sick for the past 100 years.

The third is the fact that it is an open source cookbook where anyone is free to contribute. I've made a few submissions which should show up there within the next few days and as time passes the number of recipes will only grow. Of course right now it is really only a bunch of Linux nerds like me making any submissions but over time there could easily be hundreds of recipes to chose from. It is also important to note that Based Cooking is currently in its infancy and will more than likely look different as it is improved and added upon in the coming weeks.

I encourage you to check Based Cooking out since it is probably the only online cookbook that is worth your internet bandwidth. (But you could still read mine as well)