Future Website Changes

and New Substack Articles

October 1, 2023

In the past weeks I’ve rewritten past articles I’ve written titled The Skills Society Needs, Fat Cowboy Trucks, and What makes a Queen Bee a Queen Bee and posted them on my Substack page. The first of those included minor edits but the other two were complete rewrites and all are worth checking out.

Until now I haven’t advertised those things here because I didn’t feel like putting rewrites of old stuff here but I’m beginning to reconsider that. I don’t know if I’ll post them here or not yet but I will start announcing Substack rewrites on my RSS feed to let you know they are there.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that this website no longer needs to have a history of everything I have ever written. The internet is not the Library of Alexandria and not everything needs to be preserved. In my case I don’t see a need to showcase my older and lower quality posts that share views I might not even hold anymore. I don’t plan to delete any files so old links will still work but expect many of those old links to disappear. This change will happen slowly over time as it will take quite a bit of work for me to decide what to get rid of and what not to and where I should put the things that I decide to keep. This website is held together with zip ties and duct tape so a redesign is not an easy or clean procedure.

I’d appreciate it if you helped out by telling me which of my past articles you have enjoyed and which ones you think might be worthy of a rewrite to bring the ideas in them to new people. I want this website to showcase my best work and it would be helpful if you told me what you think that work is.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.