Quick Hearty Breakfast

Scrambled eggs with beef heart and feta cheese

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I've shared my opinion on breakfast before and while there is almost no traditional American breakfast food I like, despite this breakfast is an important part of my day since I can't function well without it, along with that I struggle to get out of bed if I haven't planned what I'm having for breakfast. I've also found that if I eat a zero carb high fat breakfast my appetite stays satisfied much longer, and this has proven to be a quick and easy option that fits that healthy description.

What You'll Need

  • Beef Heart
  • Eggs
  • Feta Cheese (thanks Mental Outlaw)
  • Ghee
  • Milk (optional)
  • Cooking Instructions

    I should probably have changed the "Cooking Instructions" header above this since I'm not going to give a detailed description of how to make scrambled eggs with that stuff in it, you're smart enough to figure that out, and this whole cookbook is really an extension to my blog and an excuse for me to babble on about things.

    You should only spend a few minutes cooking this in the morning granted you have already prepared your beef heart. Buying beef heart is quite interesting because it is not priced consistently throughout different grocery stores. Some stores treat it as a specialty item and price it higher than normal meat while others recognize that hardly anyone (at least here in America) actually buys organ meat and their price is less than half of the price of normal meat there, so if heart is something you plan on eating regularly then you'll want to find a store where you can get it cheaply* and consistently, if you live near a Win-Co I recommend shopping there because not only is their heart cheap and plentiful, but their no credit card policy allows them to price everything there much lower than most other stores, so low that you save more there than you would shopping somewhere else while taking advantage of the most generous credit card offers (but that's a topic for another day).

    Anyways once you've bought your heart you should immediately dice it up into small cubes or strips, they should be small enough that they should be almost entirely cooked through with less than three minutes in a frying pan. If you bought a big enough heart then you will end up having to freeze most of it so evenly distribute everything into freezer safe bags packing your meat in there flat so that it thaws easily when the time comes, freeze all but one bag which you will keep in the fridge for the next day.

    When the morning comes fry some of your heart using ghee (I usually do one handful of heart for three eggs) then if you feel like dirtying more dishes than necessary then you can crack your eggs into a bowl or glass and scramble them with a fork (you can add a splash of milk here to make them a bit more fluffy) before dumping everything into the pan with your mostly cooked heart, or you could be lazy like I am and just turn the heat down once the heart is nearly cooked and crack the eggs directly into your pan and scrambling them right in the pan (although you can't add the milk if you do it this way). Turn the heat back up then once your eggs are almost cooked to where you like them then throw in a bit of feta cheese, stir it around then plop everything into a bowl and enjoy.

    * Substituting beef heart for normal beef in stir frys and soups is a great way to make sure you are eating enough meat while on a budget.