Avocado Toast

The Millennial Litmus Test

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The definition of a millennial varies depending on what source you use (which comes in handy when you want to skew some data) because of this there is some ambiguity on whether or not I am a millennial, some sources say I am while others say I'm not, but if we measure things by the avocado toast metric then there is no disputing the claim that I am a millennial, especially given the fact that I'm writing this and have multiple pictures of avocado toast on my phone.

What You'll Need

  • An Avocado
  • Sourdough Bread
  • Coarse Ground Salt
  • Quality Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Cooking Instructions

    First you want to make sure that you're not going to be ingesting too much toxins like phytic acid by improperly eating grains and ensure that your sourdough bread is actually sourdough bread, you could always make your own but if you're like me and don't enjoy baking then you'll be happy to know that real sourdough bread has become rather popular and easy to find, they probably have it where you already shop, just make sure that the sourdough bread you pick out doesn't have vinegar as an ingredient, vinegar is what they use to make the fake stuff taste like the real stuff.

    Once you've made sure your sourdough bread is legit then stick a piece in the toaster and set it to toast to your preferred level of toastyness. While your bread is toasting slice your avocado, I'm not going to describe how to do that because I trust that you can figure that out.

    Once your bread is toasted then you can spread your avocado slices on your bread then top with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. If you have a large avocado then you will want to be extra generous with your salt and pepper. After this you won't only have a quite good breakfast but you will also have a beautiful thing to point your iPhone camera at for your next FaceBook post like a true millennial.