Jacob's Unnamed Blog

Who am I? What is this? What to expect?

As should be obvious from the domain name, my name is Jacob Smith, for the past few years this website has been my creative outlet where I publish my thoughts. I've always enjoyed writing and this has become my main place to do it. I've worn many different hats throughout my life which have given me interest and insight into many topics. Here I've written on topics ranging from technology to nutrition and from popular to academic culture. I don't claim to be an expert (at least in the traditional sense) on anything I write about here, but I also don't believe that one has to be an expert in order to provide interesting and meaningful perspectives on the important things in our world.

If you're new here I suggest checking out my featured articles to get a feel for what you might find here, or you could check out my most recent posts listed below, or you could check out my Substack.

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  • Email: jacob@jacobwsmith.xyz