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Who am I? What is this? What to expect?

As should be obvious from the domain name, my name is Jacob Smith, I am a computer science student who finds himself learning about all sorts of things. I started this site as a sort of creative outlet because I like writing and don't find myself doing a lot of it, but also because these days everyone should have their own website, the world wide web was meant to be a place where anyone could share whatever they wanted with the world in whatever format they chose. It isn't very often these days that you come accross a site which was written by some guy with simple HTML and CSS.

Things you might find here

Really I'll just write whatever I feel like, sometimes it will be a post meant to inform you about some interesting technology you should be using (as was the case with RSS), other times it could be me connecting something I read to the real world, or it could just be an explination of why I do the things I do. Or I might put together lists of things like my list of books.

Anyways I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed and explore my blog posts. (Also here is a guide I wrote on using RSS if you are unfamiliar with it).


I will be configuring my server to host an email on this domain soon, but until then I'm sure you'll be able to find me if you need me.

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