Don't go vegan

Anyone who says a plant based diet is healthy is either lying or mistaken

In a previous post I stated that "I am fully against the idea of self-prescribed long-term dietary restrictions, especially those that don't allow perfectly healthy food" I stand by this statement, which was mainly aimed at vegetarian or vegan diets. I never intended to write mush more on this topic and I still don't, but I just found this article which completely debunks veganism as a philosophy in a brief and entertaining manner. It strays away from in depth scientific explanations of things such as the fact that vegans aren't eating enough cholesterol which means that their bodies aren't able to produce a healthy amount of sex hormones or serotonin, instead the article speaks of these things from the perspective of a layman and looks at the big picture, I highly recommend everyone to read this article for their entertainment and education, and I challenge any vegan to disprove its claims.