We should be able to use more public screens

A screen is a screen, we should be able to use it as one

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So I was sitting in an airplane today, and of course because screens have become incredibly cheap and because people these days don't know how to be alone with their thoughts (or at least a book) for a one hour flight there was a small touch screen for in flight entertainment. Now I don't believe in in flight entertainment I think that we should take advantage of times like flights to be alone with our thoughts, and as I was alone with mine I realized that the screen in front of my face intended for in glight entertainment was at, ergonomically, almost the perfect height and distance, now I am a bit taller than the average person, so odds are that for you that screen would be at the perfect height. Why can't you easily take advantage of that screen for whatever you want?

Now you might ask what would one do with that screen, but I'd ask what wouldn't you do? Its a screen, you can do anything that you could do with any other screen on it. Did you download a movie or TV series to watch on your flight? You should be able to play that on the screen that is perfectly positioned for that so that you don't have to strain your neck and hands holding your phone. Did you bring a handheld game console? You should be able to plug that in too. Are you rushing to type something up while on the plane? You shouldn't have to have your neck pointed down painfully as you resort to touch typing since there is no way that you can actually see a computer screen in your lap in a cramped airplane seat. There is a screen right in front of you, why can't you use it for whatever you need it for?

Of course there are a lot of other screens out in the wild that should have more use than they alrady do. Among the easiest examples to think of are the ones in airports, airport TVs just play CNN on mute all day long and the airport that I just was in didn't even bother to turn the subtitles on so you couldn't pay attention to anything even if you wanted to. What would be the problem with a family traveling with a lot of kids using one of those TVs to entertain their kids while they wait three hours for their flight? That would certainly be much better than having bored kids roaming arround asking their parents if they can put money in the slot machines. Or how about a slot machine screen? Why can't I go up to an unnused slot machine and plug in my computer to read PDFs on a screen that is actually shaped like one? There is really nothing special about any particular screen, you should be able to use them for whatever you want.