The Tesla Roof

When good ideas aren't really all that smart

March 17, 2021

So several years ago, before I was red-pilled on the topic of solar energy, I heard that Elon Musk was developing solar panels that looked just like roof shingles so that people could have solar power without ugly solar panels. I thought this was cool at the time but didn't think much about it. A few years later I somehow remembered those things and I remembered that I hadn't heard much about them so I decided to look up solar roofs to see if they ever actually got produced. It turned out that they did and you could order them from Tesla, so out of curiosity I looked into them a bit.

The two things I learned from reading the stuff on that site (other than the fact that they looked really cool) were the $50,000+ price tag of swapping your roof out for this stuff (this is even with the massive government subsidies solar companies get to make their products cheaper), and the fact that they were only guaranteed to work for ten years. This is where things stopped making sense. Contrary to popular belief, the real reason to put solar panels on your house is to save money on your electricity bill. The average household in America does not spend anywhere close to $50,000 on electricity over a ten year period even in Hawaii. Installing a Tesla Roof will cost you more money than it could possibly save you.

For far less than half the price of a Tesla Solar Roof you could have normal ugly solar panels installed that will actually be able to pay for themselves before breaking. Plus when they do eventually stop working they will be much easier for a common technician to repair rather than some expensive Tesla Certified guy who probably doesn't even live in the same city you do.

Of course you would never make a $50,000 investment like that if you knew that it was as bad of an idea as the Tesla Roof is, but we all probably spend much smaller quantities of money all the time on things that are just as foolish if not more. Be wary of your investments.