The Stock Market is Fake

Short selling, price manipulation, and how Reddit broke the system

I don't like reacting to current events here but this time event was too hard to resist, if you'd like a better analysis of what is going on I recommend watching this video, but basically what is going on is a bunch of Redditors have exploited the stock market in such a way that many banks and hedge funds have lost millions if not billions of dollars. I'd like to explain how it all worked.

Short Selling

I only learned about short selling today and if it were a feature in a video game it would likely be considered a game-breaking exploit and developers would probably seek to patch it out of the game because its basically free money, but this is not a video game, this is real life and I am shocked that you're actually allowed to do this.

The way that the trading that most people understand works is that you buy when a stock is low and sell when it gets high, for example if you buy a stock when it is worth $50 then keep it a while and sell the stock when it is worth $100 then you've just made $50. Short selling is when you take out a high loan and pay back when it's low. I didn't realize this until today but apperently you can take out a loan and borrow a stock just like you can borrow money but this sort of loan works much differently because when you are ready to pay back your loan you just need to give back the stock you borrowed instead of the money you borrowed plus interest. So, for example, you could borrow a $100 stock, sell it immediately and claim the $100 then wait for that particular stock's price to drop to $50, buy it back for $50, give it back to the place you loaned it from, and then you've just made $50. If you want to gamble on the stock market short selling is the more accessible option since it requires no initial investment and it is much easier to pick out stocks that you think will go down a bunch than the stocks that will go up.

Of course all of the big stock brokers who handle billions of dollars understand the concept of short selling and it is one of the tools that they use to make millions.

Price Manipulation

Price manipulation is another quite evil thing that occors quite regularly. The elites of course are the ones in control of the media so in order for them to profit off of this relationship they use the media to manipulate the prices of certain stocks by having the media convince the public that those stocks will crash, so like sheep everyone will follow the media's advice and sell their stock and because everyone was selling that stock it's price will go down, but of course there was no reason for that stock to go down other than the fact that everyone was selling it so when the price hits a big low the elites who pushed the public to sell those stocks will buy up all the stocks at that low price and over a fairly short period of time the price of the stock will go back up to the price it was before and even higher.

This is exactly what happened to bitcoin and crypto-currency in general in recent years (although it is not really a stock). The media pushed forth a big campaign years ago to convince the public that crypto-currency was not a safe investment, they were quite successful and even until today most people still believe crypto-currency to be a dangerous investment when in reality, after they dropped in price because of initial media manipulation, the value of crypto has been steadily going up, the price of bitcoin today is well over twice what it was before the media initially convinced everyone to sell it. (Heck the value of LBRY Credits has doubled in the past few months since I started using it) The common folk missed out on thousands of dollars by selling their crypto, and the elites made millions by buying it up after the manufactured crash of crypto-currency.

The GameStop stock conspiracy

How Reddit broke the system

Luckily we still live in a world where a decently sized group of regular people can have a significant impact on the world for both good and bad. A group of Reddit users on r/wallstreetbets realized that the elites were probably short selling GameStop stock since anyone with any understanding of the current state of the video game industry should know that GameStop is on its last legs and is destined to suffer the same fate Blockbuster did years ago. Now many of these redditors had just gotten ahold of a few hundred dollars that they didn't really need in the form of a stimulus check, so a whole bunch of these people decided to do their own price manipulation by buying up a bunch of GameStop stock. Having a whole bunch of people buy a stock around the same time causes that stock's price to rise drastically just like convincing a bunch of people to sell causes it to drop. Over the course of the last few weeks the price of a share of GameStop stock rose from about $10 or so to where it sits tonight at over $300. Some of these redditors made tens of thousands of dollars, while the elites who were short selling GameStop stock in mass are set to loose millions if some outside force doesn't step in to fix the damage that was done.

The stock market is fake, elites have been manipulating it to take advantage of common folk for years, now common folk have figured out how to play the game in a way which benefits them and hurts the elites the elites are working to change the rules. Wall Street is fake and the economy is fake, we're being fed lies.