How to spend "free" money the government gives you

Use the system to become less reliant on the system

March 12, 2021

So it's looking like the American federal government is going to be sending out another round of stimulus checks, of course they're going to be smaller than what the politicians initially promised but that is of course how politicians work, they make promises on the campaign trail then they don't fulfill any of their promises once elected so that in two four or six years they can go back on the campaign trail to win voters over with the same empty promises, and unfortunately the vast majority of Americans are two dumb to recognize this pattern and end up electing the same people over and over again.

But I'm straying off topic there, regardless of the amount of free money the government is giving out the main question that should be on someone's mind as they anticipate receiving this free money is how to spend it. I'm here to tell you how and what I'm about to say is heavily inspired by this video. You should spend this money in such a way that it enables you to become more independent from the system, whether that system be the government, or the economy, or massive corporations you should work to become less dependent on it.

I hope the events of 2020 have made the reasoning for this obvious to you. Corporations are out for themselves, the economy is fake, and every government is completely incapable of providing for it's citizens. In fact I'll take that last point a bit further, there has never in all of human history been a government that could perfectly provide for it's citizens, and if such a government were to exist it could not be governed by man, only God could govern perfectly because only God is without corruption.

But I'm off on a tangent again. What would be something acceptable to purchase with your free government money? Here's some examples:

All of these things are things which will help you become a more independent person, if you can think of anything else that will make you more independent then feel free to add that to the list of acceptable ways to spend free money. If you are at a point in your life where you already have all these things you still do not have an excuse to waste this money on something useless, money that the government gives you should only be used to make yourself less dependent on the government, put this money in savings before you use it for some other purpose (unless of course you are broke and have no money to by food and stuff, buy some food).

Here are some examples of ways things that you should not buy with this money:

Of course with the exception of gambling, drugs and alcohol, these are all not particularly bad things to spend money on, and these are all things that plenty of people plan to use this money for, but this is just not the right money to use for those things. The people in control of the system want you to spend the money that they give you in this way because doing so will not change your level of dependence. If you want to spend money on these sorts of things use the money you earn in your regular pay check and be sure to spend within your means. Do not be a consoomer simply for the sake of consooming because you will only become a less independent individual.