What a strange time we live in

Oregon is a strange place

So today this article, from the Weston A Price Foundation asking the public to support a bill in Oregon that, if passed, would legalize the sale of raw butter, showed up in my RSS reader. If I were an Oregon resident I'd probably take the ten minutes necessary to write to the committee over it, but I'm not so I can only observe from the outside.

After reading the important bits of the article I realized something quite strange. In Oregon it is legal to have things like meth, heroin, and cocaine substances which we know do incredible harm to the human body, but it is illegal for farmers to sell raw butter a completely healthy food which people ate for hundreds of years. This situation is truly stranger than fiction, you simply can't make this stuff up, if you were to read a book where something like this happened you wouldn't think it was realistic, but this is the world we live in now.