The Mythical Unbiased Source

Thoughts on finding truth

July 1, 2021

Nearly every news outlet presents themselves as an "unbiased source", does anyone actually still believe them? I'm not going to give you any examples of bias in these unbiased sources I trust you to be able to recognize them yourselves. Instead I am just here to state the fact that it is nearly impossible for someone to produce anything without injecting their bias into it in some way. Everything I write here has my own bias within it, everything you write has your bias in it, everything anyone writes has their bias in it. This even extends to biases which we don't admit to having, my article on cryptocurrency is an example of this.

I believe I've written before about Wikipedia's bias, although I can't find where. The unfortunate thing about that is that something with a structure like Wikipedia should have the best chance of having no bias, it is theoretically open for anyone to write in, if people of all biases contribute then they should all work to cancel each other out, or if not it could at least be a place for all points of view to be heard. Larry Sanger, Wikipedia's ex-founder, has written about the poor state of the site multiple times, this article is probably the most well known of these instances (and I'm pretty sure I've pointed you to it before as well). Yesterday Sanger published what is likely his most in depth article on this, no reader of this article should honestly be able to deny Wikipedia's bias.

I don't mean to ramble on for too long here, there isn't much for me to say on this topic that hasn't already been said. I just want to make sure you recognize that if you want to know what's going on you can't trust just one source because you can't trust any source. Probably the best practice to find the truth from worldly sources on worldly topics is to research multiple sources coming from multiple points of view written by people who are up front about their biases and honest about their expertise. Once you've done that you might be able to find some ounce of truth.

You'll notice that this process is not easy and takes time, you probably think that you'd be better off using that time doing something else and I'd agree with you. There are very few instances where this kind of a search is actually worth your time, you almost always have more important things to worry about such as your job, health, family, or God. If issues coming up in the news have an impact on those first three things then you should take the time to figure out the truth so that you can navigate those issues with wisdom. But of course when trying to find the truth about God, don't even bother with worldly sources, go straight to the source and consult Him directly through prayer and scripture study.

The news is almost always a waste of your time don't pay much attention to it and certainly don't trust it.