I'm making an online cookbook

Because why not

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So every once in a while I put up "Jacob's Adventures in Food episode [insert random large number here]" on my Instagram story (which is a page I won't link but my username thing is the same as the domain name of this site if you want to look for it) and feature some experiemnt food I put up there. I've come to enjoy cooking recently (there is a joke to be made about programmers liking to cook but I'll spare you from it since I believe it is not a good idea to make jokes about your own field of interest) and I like to think that I am better than most people at it, in reality I'm just more willing to experiment than most other people. Last night as I was telling friends about how I cooked pumkin soup I decided to make a cookbook, especially since I don't believe in using recipies.

Why I'm writing a cookbook

There are four reasons that I decided I want to make an online cookbook, Namely:

  • I think it will be funny
  • I learned some more HTML/CSS stuff I want to try out
  • If I have a cookbook and people ask me for the reciepies I use I can point them to it
  • I think it will be funny
  • Of course the most important of these reasons is that I think it will be funny, and if you've ever seen me explain how I cook stuff, you might too.

    I will soon be creating Jacob's Guide to Possibly Delicious Food and will probably be setting up a seperate RSS feed for it when I do. Eveything that I will put there will be things that I actually cook somewhat regularly so they all should be accessible and reletively easy to make.