Learn to fix your things

Why everyone should learn how to do things themselves.

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So the alternator on my car went out, so I can't get it to go anywhere. A lot of people at that point would likely have no idea how to diagnose that and would probably have to pay a few hundred dollars to get it towed to a shop, then have it sit in some shop for a couple days while they have some shady mechanic figure it out. Some people may have a battery charger on hand and will charge it up only to find that it will be dead again in a few days (they may even make the mistake of buying a new battery when they didn't need one). Others may be able to figure out what is going on but lack the skills and resources to get much farther. But I however can spend ten minutes taking the alternator out, then walk over to the parts store to get a new one free while under waranty of the last one, charge up my battery and spend another twenty minutes putting a new one back in.

Now I'm no expert on fixing cars or on fixing anything really, but I think that everyone should learn to take care of the problems they have themselves. With a basic set of tools, the ocasional tutorial and a surprisingly small amount of basic skills you can acomplish a lot. I like to be frugal in my purchases, but I don't mind paying for more tools since they will enable me to be more independent and put me in a better position to help others.

Next time you need an oil change and have extra time on your hands, learn to do it yourself. Paint your own house. Fix your own sprinkler system. You will be a better rounded individual if you learn and practice more skills, and you will be more confident in your overall life once you gain more skills to accomplish more.