Why aren't more people talking about Dwarf Fortress?

A look at what may be the world's most interesting game.

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Over the last few days I have become facinated by the game Dwarf Fortress. I've yet to actually play it, but once I've finished writing this I think I'm going to download the 500MB game and set it to generate a world so that I can see for myself all the crazy stuff there is there.

To my understanding most Dwarf Fortress gameplay is quite similar to a game like Rimworld, or Sim City. But comparing dwarf fortress to those games would be unfair, unfair to Dwarf Fortress, because while the standard game only has ASCI graphics it is more complex than any other game on the market.

One of the many things that blew my mind about the game was a story from this interview told by one of the two cretors. He explained that players kept reporting that their taverns were getting filled with dead cats, so he investigated and realized that because when a dwarf is called out to work before finishing their drink they would often just throw their drinks on the floor as they left so the taverns often had puddles of beer on the floor. Cats would wander into the tavern and would step in the beer puddles and they'd start licking themselves clean. Full poisin mechanics had just been put into the game and the developer realized that all of the cats were dying of alchohol poisining because they were constantly forced to lick the beer off of their bodies. The developer went into the code behind the cat's grooming behavior and realized that whenever a cat licked the beer of of their bodies the game was registering the same as it would if the cat drank a whole pint of beer, so he toned that down and that was how the bug was fixed. I have absolutely no idea how that guy was able to tell that story with a straight face because I don't think that there is any other game that even has puddles of alchohol in taverns like that, let alone systems in place to track what is actually on a cat's body when it is dirty.

Not unlike other games, Dwarf Fortress will procedurally generate a unique world to play in, but unlike other games, Dwarf Fortress will generate a thousand years of history for that world, complete with different races, kingdoms, uniqe monsters, terrain erosion, and who knows what else (this does apperently take some time though). The game will even describe to you the types of dances people do at different festivals. In an hour dwarf Fortress will generate a unique fantasy world that is more complex than most fantasy writers will ever dream of making. Many people won't even actually play Dwarf Fortress, they'll have it generate a world then spend hours just reading its history.

I think this is a game everyone should try to figure out at least once, it's free and there is nothing else like it. I'm going to check it out, you should too.