New Colors!

From a guy who hates having to customize that sort of thing.

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So you've probably noticed that this site is a bit less ugly from before. While I've been waiting for my new computer to get here I've been planning how exactly I want to configure it since I'll be installing the operating system from scratch (which is something I of course don't need to do at all). While I was researching color themes I figured I'd do something I've been procrastinating since I started this blog and put actual thought into the appearance of this site.

The colors I have changed to now are much closer to the ones that I really wanted when I started this site, but when I did that I really didn't know how to go about finding those colors. The inspiration for me to make this site came from a guy who I'd have to say is the most interesting man on the internet, Luke Smith, and I liked the asthenic his site and wanted a similar one without copying his formatting (I want the satisfaction of having built everything here from scratch). While researching color themes for my new computer I realized that Luke's site's colors were derived from the Vim theme Gruvbox (which I have already forgotten the name of multiple times). My previous color scheme had eight colors so I took the most prominent Gruvbox colors and put those in over the rather uninspired ones I had.

I know my way around HTML and CSS but I'm not a web designer, nor do I have any interest in becoming one, today I learned the best way to handle aesthetic decisions is to pick something based off of something that someone else has already put weeks of thought into rather than do all the thinking yourself.

What's Next?

That's a wonderful question h3 tag, you're actually part of what's next. Now that I have colors that I am actually happy with I'm going to make an effort to make sure all of them can make regular appearances. You'll notice that this post has a subtitle, I felt like my last post needed one, then when I got my color scheme worked out I liked how it looked, so posts will have subtitles going forward.

What I'm not currently happy with is my font, Times New Roman feels out of place here, but again I am no web designer so testing new fonts seems tedious and frustrating, so picking a new font is something I will probably procrastinate indefinitely.

What I can't procrastinate indefinitely is fixing my homepage. I plan on buying a domain name and renting a server to host this site on and when I do I want to actually publicly announce the existence of this blog. I can't direct people to an unfinished homepage (especially if all my posts lead you back to it rather than the index of other posts). But I absolutely hate making homepages, so we'll see how that turns out.