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As you may recall from an earlier post I recently wrote a simple program that helps me keep track of what books I own. I have finally finished using it to index all the books I can bother to put in there and put the list it generated here. It was quite interesting to use a program that I had developed for myself a few times I found myself making modifications to it as I kept using it. The source code for the program can be found here. Feel free to use it, although if you do you probably want to contact me first (there is a simple bug I was too lazy to fix but I'll do it if someone needs me to). You'll need a C++ compiler to use the program.

I'm also considering buying an actual domain name and renting a private server to host this site there. (I also want to see the look on peoples' face when I can tell them my email address is jacob@jacob.com or something like that) Changes are likely coming soon. Before then I'll probably work on making my home page less of a mess. (I've been putting that off too long)