Simple Lemon Garlic Trout

An intro to the world of fresh-water fish

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It is my belief that if you fish you should eat what you catch (when you can). Many poeple don't do this becase they don't realize how easy it is to cook fish that tases good. I hope to fix that here.

What You'll Need

  • A filet of trout (or a similar fresh-water fish, I guess you could use some salt-water fish too but there are better ways to cook many of those)
  • Olive Oil
  • Lemmon Pepper
  • Garlic Salt
  • Optional Fresh Garlic
  • Aluminium Fiol
  • Cooking Instructions

    First of course you need to catch a fish and gut it. This isn't that hard, I've been fishing longer than I can remember and I've known how to gut a fish since I was like ten and it only takes three minutes. If you are incapable of either of these things I guess you could buy a fish at the store.

    Get a large baking dish and roll out two layers of foil in it. Splash some olive oil onto it and spread it around. Once your foil is coated with oil place your filiet of fish on it skin side down, then top with generous portions of lemmon pepper and garlic salt, add some smashed cloves of fresh garlic on top if you had the paitence to do that, then drizzle a bit more olive oil over the top for good measure. Fold the remaining foil over the fish and put a fork and spatula in your baking dish and carry everything to the nearest grill. (I guess you could cook this in the oven, but where's the fun in that?)

    Once you are at the grill get it to heat then put set it to a medium flame, place your foil wrapped fish on and sit down somewhere and listen to some music. After a song or two has played you will want to check on your fish, so unwrap it and take a look. Your fish is done cooking once you can separate the flakes easily and see that it doesn't look like it did when it was raw. When your fish is at that point and if you are anything like me there will probably be a large puddle of boiling olive oil still there, if so just poke some holes in your foil and let it drain into the grill, it will catch fire, that doesn't matter, just carry on looking like you know what you are doing and turn the grill off and blow it out. Put your fish into your baking pan, throw your foil away and go inside to enjoy your trout with some rice or something.