The Best Scrambled Eggs

Less is more, trust me

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When I was on my mission in the Philippines I had a companion that would cook scrambled eggs like this all the time, they were really good. When he transfered out I thought I would improve it by adding more things to it. I was wrong, trust me, the following is everything that you will ever need for good scrambled eggs.

What You'll Need

  • Eggs
  • A small tomato
  • Olive Oil
  • Maybe some salt
  • Cooking Instructions

    Crack your desired amount of eggs into a glass then scramble them with a fork. Dice a tomato and throw it (and any juices) in the egg glass, do not under any circumstance add anything else. Pour your egg and tomato mixtue into a hot pan with olive oil. Scramble your eggs to your desired level of doneness (remembering that they will continue to cook a little longer after being taken off the heat), salt to taste and enjoy.

    Now if you haven't ignored the bold text you will now be able to enjoy whatever unexplainable magic that happens whith scrambled eggs with only tomato. But I know there is a good chance that you did ignore my warning not believing me when I say that less is more, I know how that is as I described earlier I didn't beleive it at first either even after tasting the best scrambled eggs. Take a leap of faith, less is more, trust me, all you need in scrambled eggs is a tomato. (Of course omelettes are a completely different story)