A Simple Fake Crab Dish

A good way to pretend you're eating crab

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Most people have never eaten real crab, the type of crab you'll get on sushi, or in tacos, or in dips, or wherever else you'll be served "crab" outside the crab it is usually imitation crab rather than the real stuff. I find it a bit funny that a lot of people don't already know this, in fact when some people eat real crab for the first time they think it is fake because they have become used to the taste of fake crab. I was never really one of these people but I did find it interesting that the first time I bought fake crab meat at the grocery store the packaging didn't even say the word crab once, it didn't even pretend to be crab, the package just said "seafood chunks" or something like that. Other places will be a bit more honest and call it imitation crab up front and others will just call it krab because they still think people can catch a misspelling.

Anyways this thing isn't about where the stuff made from nutritionless sludge that we've been programed to think is crab is, but rather it is about one way to make it into a tasty snack because, while it is perfectly fine to eat raw, I like to add a bit to it.

What You'll Need

  • Fake Crab Chunks
  • Butter
  • Parsley
  • Cooking Instructions

    First you'll want to melt a half a stick of butter in a frying pan, you can brown the butter if you want but the taste of the fake crab will probably overpower the taste of the browned butter anyways so just plain melted butter is fine here.

    Once your butter is melted throw all your fake crab chunks into the pan then sprinkle a good amount of parsley over it to give it some color so you can pretend it actually has some nutritional value. Cook it until you think the largest piece is warm all the way through, flipping and stirring things whenever you feel like it. Again this stuff is perfectly fine to eat raw (since it probably isn't real food) but you don't want to bite into a piece with a warm exterior and cold inside.